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Welcome to my web site!

On this web-site you will find information about using electrical equipment designed for a certain frequency on an other frequency.

Alternating current (AC) starts at the powerplant and the unit of frequency is Hertz (Hz) which is the amount of cycles per second the voltage or current changes in value from plus to zero to minus to zero to plus etc.

In some English spoken countries it is expressed in cycles per second (cps).

Nowedays Hertz is the official unit of expression.

Transformers and AC-electric motors only function because of these cycles.

In the world there are basically two frequencies used for normal electrical use:

- 50 Hertz (Europe)

- 60 Hertz (USA)

Question asked by many people:

Can I use my 50 Hertz equipment on 60 Hertz or visa versa:

Can I use my 60 Hertz equipment on 50 Hertz?


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